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John E. Dick PhD
Senior Scientist, Ontario Cancer Institute,
University Health Network, McEwen Centre
Dept of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto.
Director, Program in Cancer Stem Cells,
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

Mailing Address:            
University Health Network
Toronto Medical Discovery Tower,
(East Tower) 8th floor, Room 8-301
101 College Street,Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1L7
Telephone: 416.581.7466
Fax: 416.581.7476

Our lab is happy to provide info on lab protocols and procedures for working with NOD/SCID mice, engraftment and other useful tools.

Please contact Monica Doedens at

Lab protocols or procedures inquiries

We are open to discussing collaborations with academic and industry partners, especially if your area of expertise is within the following fields:

· Creating drugs/therapeutics

· Epigenetics

· Genomics

· Bioinformatics

· Biostatistics

· Imaging

· Interesting technologies that interrogate stem cells or single cells

Please email to start a collaboration discussion.

Potential Collaborations